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Sociological Cum psychological Solution to Terrorism In Nigerian By onwughalu queen Ifunanya

The Sociologist and psychologist should be consulted to provide pragmatic panacea to the widening spectre of organised chaos and violence by armed freelance killers in Nigeria.

But the neglect of these class of professionals is at the root of government to resolve these seemingly intractable problem.

Terrorism has taken a centre-stage in the global upsurge of violent crimes. Over the past decade, different forms of domestic and international terrorism have been witnessed around the world.

Nigeria on its part has been attacked severally by the revered Boko Haram terrorist and armed Fulani Headsmen
in the last five  years with tremendous casualties.

Indeed, the upsurge of terrorist activities in Nigeria has not only caught international attention, but has also exposed inherent
conflict tradition that characterise intergroup social relationships in the country. Obiajulu
(2011) observes that such conflict situations in Nigeria manifests as struggle over values,
claims to status, power and scarce resources, in which the aims of the opposing parties are not
only to gain the desired values, but also to neutralize, injure or eliminate rivals. According to
Eidelson & Eidelson, (2004), cited in Obiajulu (2011) conflict can be violent, silent or non-violent.

Whereas use of physical force, violent uprising, and harassment as in armed conflicts characterize violent conflict situations; silent conflict is characterized by a social situation

infested by a feeling of inequity, distrust, helplessness, superiority and inferiority syndrome.

In addition, Nigeria has also had a  history of conflict situations such as civil war, inter and intra ethnic conflicts, religious conflicts etc Unfortunately, at the end of these calamities, Nigerians and particularly the government, do not commit adequate efforts

The tendency of not getting to the root of conflict situations and fully resolving it is a major reason for emergence of social tensions which often degenerate to horrendous heights such as terrorism/insurgency (Premium Times, 2014). For instance, inter-religious conflicts in
Nigeria that started in the North-Eastern region, dating back to about 1953 has dragged till date only changing in scope and intensity. That is why the use of professionals is needed.

To be continued………



Onwughalu queen
Onwughalu Queen is a human rights activist, writer, and business specialist

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