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POLITICS2019: Only Buhari’ll determine his re-election – Kaka

When you talk of performance, we do make a lot of mistakes by trying to compare the two and half years of President Muhammadu Buhari with the 16 years of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) misrule. Whatever may be the misrule, atrocities or destruction committed by the PDP, it is the responsibility of the party in power and the president to right all those wrongs.

So, we cannot be giving excuse for non performance, but to appreciate what has been done and what is left to be done, we will keep on referring the populace to the wrath that was met on ground. It is rather unfortunate, but so far so good, you could see stabilisation in terms of security and economy that is now currently manifesting.

I believe the president need to further consolidate on the issue of security and simultaneously consolidate on the issue of the economy. Why people are impatient with the present administration is because of the poor economy that is having direct bearing on the electorate.

Though there may be some shortcoming of the party in power; that is not enough reason to prevent the party to return to power.

You said 16 years of misrule of the PDP government should not be compared to the two and a half years of APC government, but Nigerians don’t see that as a tenable excuse anymore…

I said earlier that we are not out to give excuse; APC and the President are not supposed to give excuse but we need to remind ourselves of certain salient facts, why we cannot move faster than we are moving. It is easier to destroy a building but to reconstruct it will take a long period of time.

This time around, the construction is going on because of the monumental destruction that has taken place.

To be fair to the electorate, that is why I say the rate of movement is slow. I now justify it that even with the slow and steady movement serious impact are being made.

None of us is God; God enthrone whoever pleases him to be crowned. Beyond that, they should understand that it is the inalienable right    of the president to aspire for a second term in office.

Anybody that is not satisfied should come open and tell us their preferred candidate or his political competitors should bring their best out. The determining factor is President Buhari himself, convincing himself that he is ill, incapable, willing or determined to go ahead.

Between you and me, we don’t know what he is feeling about his own health; nobody gave him a chance of recovering but miraculously he recovered. May be in the cause of recovery, he has been reinvigorated and you wouldn’t know. And if the doctor certified him fit and he is convinced within his mind that he is capable of forging ahead, I don’t know why anybody will say he wants to stop him at all cost.

He should be given a level playing ground to test his popularity and capability, and at the end of the day as a democrat the outcome of the election result will be respected by all. Mind you, there is no harm in anybody losing election, once it is fair and free. If Buhari is going to win election, what is their headache?

And if he is to lose election, what is their headache. The choice should be expressed through the ballot paper.

 The Fulani herdsmen in recent time have turned themselves to menace in the society with the rate of killings and attacks in different parts of the country. The silence of President Buhari as a Fulani on the matter is a concern to many. What is your take on this?

You have just raised question about a complex and elaborate issue. The Fulani herdsmen are not just coming to other areas to graze and the practice has been with us over decades. We have been having skirmishes here and there, but not as pronounced as we have it now.

 With the escalation, we will need to be very careful. What we need in the country today is reorientation. Our psyche has been destroyed and our value system has been distorted to the extent that we don’t value human lives, otherwise, how can a group of people in one single swoop eliminated 73 lives?

They cannot create live of a fowl not to talk of human life, and they can’t bring those dead bodies back. It is rather unfortunate. So be that as it may, it is not the responsibility of government to go into direct production or get involved in private business of individuals or group of individuals.

So whoever is into business ought to make provision for all his or her inputs. What I am saying is that the crop farmer and livestock farmer are both in business and they all have rights to pursue daily living. All Nigerians have rights to be protected security wise and where the rights of the pastorally stops, the rights of the farmers begin. So, under no circumstances should the activities of the nomadic people disturb that of the farmers or the farmers disturb the nomadic.

If anything, there should be complementarily of others and that is where government at all levels will have to come in. Firstly, the Federal Government should stop pretending to have authority on land or not; the authority on land matters resides with the state government. The state government have the right to ensure the peaceful coexistence and thriving of crop farmer and cattle farmer.

So in order to have peace, as crop farmers are securing land, cultivating the land and adding various inputs to the processes to give the farmers’ product out, nothing stops the Fulani herdsmen from investing in what will aid their productivity. You can’t say because you have freedom of movement, you will trample on other people’s property. They should get the land of their own. If they need the assistance of state government, approach them and make sure they don’t trample on the right of others, not to talk of eliminating their lives.

The party has not decided so. Don’t get it wrong, there was no guideline for the selection of any candidate right now.People have heavily descended on those people trying to use the mien of a group of people to perpetrate imposition. So, it was an exercise in futility that has got no legal backing. It has got no support from the people they purported to be representing because they didn’t get the consent of the people.So, it is a non issue. It is better for it to be completely disregarded as if it never happened.

A lot of politicians and technocrats have already declared their interest for 2019 presidency. With the scheming and desperation on the part of the aspirants, do you think 2019 general election will be peaceful?

I am not a prophet, neither am I a star gazer. I don’t know what tomorrow will be. We are only hoping and trusting in God that 2019 will be as peaceful as possible.

And if it is going to be as peaceful as possible, as we are looking up to God, we also must have our input into that peace we are envisaging. For us to have peace; there must be justice. A situation where anybody try to impose candidate against the will of the people, it is going to be action and reaction, which those impostor will ever regret ever doing it, if they try it. We hope they won’t take us back to those dark days.

So, for peace to be engendered once there is trust, if you lose an election, and you know you lost it in fair and squarely contest. There will be no hues and cry, but if some people are aware there are manipulations in the election, we are human being they are bound to react. So, nobody should try to fool any other human being.

This is not your first time in showing interest in ruling Ogun State. Having contested for the positions in the past without winning, what are your chances in 2019?

You want to turn me to another oracle. You know we politicians are incurable optimist. In my own case, I have abiding faith in Almighty God. My vision and mission are very clear.

My belief in God is undiluted; my respect for the people I want to serve is unquantifiable. It is left for the people to decide. I am not perfect, I am not a saint, I am not Mister know all, all I know is that I am endowed with knowledge to identify those that can help in turning things around and I have to work with the people and through the people. So, if the people realises my worth, and they decided to entrust me with their mandate, mine is to do my best.

All the services that I have rendered in the last 30 years, there was no single one that I was not underrated by so many people.

It may be out of envy or callousness. I will go all out and attempt getting to the post. God will make it possible for me to continue to excel and it is as a result of excellence displayed that people keep on asking me to come on board.

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Onwughalu queen
Onwughalu Queen is a human rights activist, writer, and business specialist

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