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Prostitution is Capitalism on Campus

Prostitution is Capitalism on Campus By Emmanuel Onwubiko   With just few weeks to Nigeria’s most critical election, the major contenders who began their campaigns for the coveted number one political job in Nigeria which is the office of the President have so far not adequately addressed the critical issue of right to

National Assembly shutdown over unpaid salary

Members of Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria (PASAN), protested to disrupt activities at the National Assembly. The workers had at the weekend threatened to picket the National Assembly over claim of non-payment of salary and allowances. Earlier today, The workers in their numbers shutdown the National Assembly over alleged non-payment of salary

In NYSC, Buhari has excelled

In NYSC, Buhari has excelled By Emmanuel Onwubiko Nations around the globe that want to become advanced in the twenty first century and beyond, usually place the highest premium on the capacity development of their young populations. This is obviously for the reason that such political entities do not wish that their

Panic in Delta as gunmen disarm and kill police officers

Alarm has been raised by the residents of Delta State over the repeated way gangsters seize weapons from police officers in the state and slay them. In an open letter to the Inspector General of Police from president and secretary, Chief Albert Omokiniovo and Mr Odeme Akpinorku of Apprehensive residents of Ughelli